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Hungry Stars is a recruitment and consultancy company founded by Alex Serdaris in 2022. He felt his 20 years of global experience would be beneficial to companies looking to grow their business and recruit a winning team.

A true people person, coupled with a supply chain background and network, Alex has a great foundation to connect good people, while creating something special, leaving a legacy for the industry he adores while also giving back to the community.

Alex’s last senior role prior to creating Hungry Stars was at one of the leading global pizza chains, where he was senior director of the International Supply Chain. He is extremely proud to have been part of that business for 11 years and created a team that contributed significantly to the growth and success of the international business. During his tenure, he attended many Pizza & Pasta Association (PAPA) events with the brand and some key suppliers. 

As Hungry Stars is now a service supplier for PAPA, it is looking forward to continuing to support existing clients, as well as working with new ones. Hungry Stars aims to be the recruitment and consulting company of choice for the food and beverage industry. Therefore, if you are looking to build a successful team or would like some interim expertise, Hungry Stars is the right platform to find a solution to support your needs.

Contact: Alex Serdaris
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