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ABOUT FRIENDS OF GLASSfriends of glass sponsors 800Packaging plays a huge role in food safety and health – it can extend shelf life, preserve and maintain freshness, taste and flavour – so why is glass the better choice for food?


Unlike some other packaging materials that have been proven to leach harmful chemicals into your food and drink, glass is the only packaging material that is guaranteed to leave your food and your body untouched.

Glass is 100% natural – there are no harmful chemicals in glass that can find their way into your food, making it the perfect choice for food and drink manufactures. It is also non-porous which means it doesn’t affect the taste of the food and drink inside it and you don’t need extra layers or additives to protect its contents.


83% of Britons have reported a change in their behaviour and are now paying more attention to the environmental impact of their everyday decisions. 

With today’s consumer pushing for retailers, brands and food outlets to give them greater sustainable options – glass is a great choice and 78% of Britons rate glass among their top choices for food and drink packaging*.

Glass possesses unrivalled eco-friendly credentials. It is infinitely recyclable without a loss of quality meaning recycled glass bottles and jars are used repeatedly to produce new food grade glass packaging containers in a closed loop system.

What’s more recycling glass packaging reduces CO2 emissions as well as the amount of energy and raw materials used to make new containers. By recycling glass, we can save over 12 million tons of raw materials and over 7 million tons of CO2 across Europe.

There’s no better time to choose a more sustainable, healthier packaging choice whether it’s for the products you pack, sell or purchase. Find out more at

*Friends of Glass 2018 Consumer survey