Membership for Restaurants, Pizzerias & Retailers

As a member we will help you cut costs as well as provide you with guidance and help to run your businesses successfully and safely

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Supplier & Manufacturer Membership

Our members received an average of over 300 sales leads though PAPA last year, as well as having access to our guidance and advice

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Environmental Health & Trading Standards

Working with us will help to encourage improved standards and consistency for everyone in the Pizza, Pasta and Italian food industry

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  • PAPA's advice really helped me to ensure we got a great Scores on the Door rating.
  • Becoming a PAPA member opened the doors to some big hitters in the indusrty
  • Being a PAPA member helps a big retailer like us keep track of innovations and new trends in the industry
  • When I joined PAPA, I couldn't have dreamed that it would be the start of a journey which saw my restaurant being named the best in the country!
  • I'm the Pizza Chef of the Year, and it all started when I joined PAPA
  • It's great that we get so much traffic to our website from genuine leads we may otherwise have missed

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