Delivery 28th April

The Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association and the British Sandwich Association held a webinar on the subject of ‘Delivery’ on Thursday 28 April at 2.30pm.

With consumer demand for the convenience of delivery increasing, food businesses are under pressure to provide this service in order to maintain the volume of sales they need.

However, delivery comes with new challenges, from finding suitable drivers to managing demand so that walk-in customers continue to feel wanted. Given the investment and management challenges involved, it is no wonder that more are turning to specialists to handle deliveries and sales for them, but with these businesses not making money and facing more and more competition, how safe is it to rely upon them? Furthermore, do the significant delivery costs involved offer sufficient return to justify reliance on them, despite challenges and risks involved?

In this meeting we heard an assessment of the situation from leading market analyst Peter Backman. The meeting also explored some alternative options.




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