Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging

Under new Government proposals, all producers of packaging will have to bear the full cost of packaging waste – including local authority litter and waste collection costs – from 2023.

The scheme, which effectively aims to transfer the full costs of packaging waste and litter from local authorities to businesses, is conservatively expected to cost business some £2.7 billion, although some estimates are considerably higher than this.

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National Pizza Week

Plans are being drawn up for a national pizza week in November with the aim of supporting the industry at a key time of year for sales.   The Week is likely to take place towards the end of the month following the industry awards on 11th November.   An outline proposal for the campaign will be discussed by the PAPA Management Committee when it meets in July.

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Reducing Food and Drink Waste

Whether you are a small café, a large food/drink manufacturer, a brewery, a butcher, a hotel, a restaurant, a leisure/events facility, a distributor, or other – Resource Efficient Scotland can support you to prevent and reduce food and drink waste.

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