Celebrating 40 years of PAPA!

The Pizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association invite you to join us in celebrating 40 years of the Association and celebrating success and innovation throughout the industry.

It’s hard to believe that this is the 40th anniversary of the Pizza Pasta & Italian Food Association (PAPA). What started in 1977 as an excuse for people in the evolving pizza market to meet and discuss issues of common interest has now evolved into a powerful organisation representing the broad interests of this important industry.  

Today our role ranges from lobbying on issues such as Brexit to providing information resources and organising events such as these awards and the European Pizza & Pasta Show.

We play an ever more vital role in protecting the interests of our members, and indeed the industry as a whole - from issues that could damage it – from immigration controls that could stifle growth, to unfair legislation that could undermine our businesses.

Our industry is stronger for the work we do to protect its interests and I would like to thank all those over the years who have supported us to make this possible. For those of you who are not currently members, please do come and join us – your business is probably already gaining from the work done by PAPA, its Management Committee and members. We can be an even stronger voice with your support.

We look forward to seeing you at the PAPA Awards Dinner on Thursday 16 November. 

Jim Winship