#National Pizza Day

Last Friday 9th February was Foodism's first #NationalPizzaDay. Pizzerias all over the UK came together offering 30% discounts on pizza and creating special one-offs for the day.

Conveniently timed for a mid-February Friday, the UK was keen to adopt the day and over 700 restaurants took part in the promotion to encourage us to tuck into the nation's favourite import - a wonderful excuse to dine out/take out or create one of the easiest and tastiest meals liked by the whole family. All hail the mighty pizza.

National Pizza Day was all about celebrating this iconic Italian dish with its plethora of styles and toppings. Suited to any dietary requirement - vegetarians, pile up the veggies; carnivores, get their teeth around a meat feast and many restaurants now even offer dairy and gluten free and vegan options. High street chain Prezzo used the national day to launch a new black pizza made with a charcoal base across their 268 stores. 

Foodism's Pre-Pizza Party was held at Street Feast's Hawker House in Canada Water, where over 1500 pizza fanatics were able to enjoy some favourite and more unusual pizzas from top street food vendors which included swapping out the traditional tomato base for a curry sauce and thought-provoking debates on whether pineapple has a place on pizza and whether pizza should be a dessert?