Milan achieves Guinness World Records Certificate for the Largest Panettone

A giant Christmas Panettone (Milan’s traditional Xmas cake)  - covered with chocolate and prepared by famous maître chocolatier Davide Comaschi – has achieved a Guinness World Records certificate  for the “Largest panettone record title”.

The record-winning panettone was displayed and offered to passers-by in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, at Milan’s very center. It was the largest panettone ever prepared, with a weight of 332,2 kilos and a height of 150 centimeters.

The record was achieved after a hundred hours of work, with a team of six professionals from the Chocolate Academy Center who used 49,500 grams of flour, 37,800 grams of butter, 25,200 grams of sugar, 25,000 grams of dark chocolate , 22,500 grams of raisins, 22,500 grams of candied orange, 22.5 liters of water, 18,000 grams of egg yolks, 15,000 grams of cream, 7,000 grams of precious Ruby chocolate - a naturally pink chocolate - 5,100 grams of honey, 2,000 grams of white chocolate, 810 grams of salt, 540 grams of natural orange flavor, 360 grams of natural lemon aroma and 225 grams of vanilla.